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Ledenik Village

It is situated 2 km west from Veliko Tarnovo, 5 km southwest of Arbanasi, about 55 km northeast of Gabrovo and 240 km in the same direction from Sofia. The highway Sofia-Varna passes near by.
Ledenik is located on the banks of the Yantra River, at an altitude of 171 m.
Its population is about 1,000 people, the village is a favorite place for permanent residence because of its proximity to the old capital. There is regular bus transport.
Ledenik is well developed village with good infrastructure and communications. There are a town hall, church, community center, elementary school, shops. There is regular public transport.
Nearest kindergartens and hospitals are located in Veliko Tarnovo.
Cultural Amenities
The houses in the village were built in typical Renaissance style, with stone foundations and porches. The most interesting landmark is the Tower of Ledenik Shemshi Bay. This is the tallest residential building in the Balkans, built entirely of stone. There is a museum, which is divided into three floors: first floor of the ethnographic exhibition is presented in two parts. The first part shows the tools and instruments used for field work - threshing, plow, threshing, beehives, a ship may be crushed grapes and many others.
The second part presents everyday objects of the population - loom chakrak, spindle, etc. All this is illustrated with photographs from 1904 to 1924. On the second floor are the rooms of guests and Shemshi Bay.
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Shop for rent in a newly-built building, close to the centre of Veliko Turnovo
Shop / Retail € 165
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

Commercial property for rent, with outdoor terrace suitable for a restaurant or a cafe set in Kolyo Fitcheto district
Commercial € 255
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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