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Gabrovo District

Gabrovo region, set at the Central Pre-Balkan /at the foot of Stara Planina Maountain/, impresses with its gorgeous mountainous nature and amazing landscapes. It includes 4 municipalities - Gabrovo, Tryavna, Sevlievo and Dryanovo, each with its own uniqueness and attractiveness. The relief here is various, but the mountains predominate, as well as the valleys – the valleys of “Yantra”, “Rossica”, “Vidima” and “Dryanovska” river. The area is also rich in artificial dam lakes. Many home-buyers are allured by the incredibly beautiful unspoiled nature, the fresh healthy air, the wild variety for recreation – fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, pleasant eco-trail walks, sightseeing of ancient historic monuments and so on. Gabrovo region is also a preferred destination from tourists, both Bulgarians and foreigners, during the whole year and mostly during holidays. Just imagine spending your holiday in a cozy villa with ancient architectural style, set among the majestic heights of Stara Planina Mountain and tranquil atmosphere. Why not owning such a property for holiday house or permanent living?! Century Homes is here to assist you! Taka a look at our list of properties in Gabrovo District and choose your home in Bulgaria. Century Homes agents will provide you with the necessary information about the properties you pick up.
You will be impressed not only with the pure adorable nature in Gabrovo region, but with the great number of cultural amenities, architectural reserves and complexes. More than 650 cultural monuments are built in this area – ancient caves and medieval fortresses; the national park “Central Balkan”; the architectural and ethnographic complexes, named “Etar” and “Bozhentsi”; the medical center for lung diseases - “The lilacs”, etc. There are plenty of places which are worth visiting!
What is more, Gabrovo district is famous for its architectural and art creations of local constructors, wood-carvers and iconographers. Their talent becomes known abroad, especially during the Bulgarian Revival period. Many of their masterpieces are preserved and could be seen today. The architectural genius of Bulgaria – Kolio Phicheto, who was born in the town of Dryanovo, has left his talent in lots of buildings, bridges, churches in Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo Districts. If you visit that part of Bulgaria, you will notice the traditional design of the old houses, built on narrow paved roads, and the incredible interior and exterior design of the churches.
The most significant place in Gabrovo District is the historic peak “Shipka” /it is about 21km south from Gabrovo/. There, in the heights of the Balkan range, a majestic monument towers above. On its place was held the most crucial battle during the Russian-Turkish war of Liberation, which set Bulgaria free from the Ottoman yoke. The “Shipka” Monument has been built in memory of the thousands of Bulgarian volunteers, who gave their lives for Bulgaria’s Liberty! Nowadays, every year on March 3rd – Bulgaria’s national celebration day, Bulgarians from each part of the county climb “Shipka ”to honor the memory of the brave Bulgarian and Russian heroes.

Area size: 2023 sq.km
Population: 120 778 people
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Shop suitable for a office for rent in Kolyo Fitcheto district in Veliko Tarnovo
Shop / Retail € 220
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

Newly-built shop for rent, attractively located in “Buzludzha” district in the town of Veliko Tarnovo
Shop / Retail € 180
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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