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Arbanassi Village

Arbanassi is a village in Central Bulgaria, 5 km east of Veliko Turnovo, set on a high plateau between the larger towns of Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa. It is known for the rich history and large number of historical monuments, such as 17th and 18th century churches and examples of Bulgarian National Revival architecture, which have turned it into a popular tourist destination.

Post Code: 5029
Phone Code: 062
The history of the village begins with the earliest written document- the firman of Suleiman the Great in 1583, which gives the land of Arbanassi, Lyaskovets, Gorna Oryahovitsa as a gift to the vice-minister Rustem, the son-in-law of the soultan. In the document all these villages have the common name of Arnabud.

The absence of any other document suggest different versions of the origin, the name and the people of Arbanassi. Some people believe that it has been inhabited by boyars who came with their villagers soon after the battle of Klokotnitsa in 1230 when Tsar Ivan Asen II conquers these lands.
More materials are left from 17th and 18th century. They evidence that Arbanassi reaches its economic zenith in the second half of 17th century up until the 18th century. Then the village used to have 1000 houses and its population consisted of prominent people. The means of living were the silk producing, golsmith, even some of the production was exported to Tsarigrad and Italy. The vine-growing was also very typical for this region. The best vineyard were around Balakova cheshma, Orelcheto, Chukata, Kamaka.
Social Life
Nowadays, the most respected holiday is the 15th of August- The Assumption of Mary.
Available in the village are Horse Riding Sprts Club Kaloyan 92, many modern hotels, guest houses, swimming pools, traditional pubs, near the village is Kaloyanova fortress, attractive place for rest and relax.
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