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Lyaskovec Municipality

Lyaskovets Municipality is situated in Central-North Bulgaria and occupies areas with small hills and nice plains. It is part of Veliko Tarnovo District and includes only 6 settlements the municipal town Lyaskovets and 5 villages Djulinitsa, Dobri Dyal, Dragizhevo, Kozarevets and Merdanya. All of them are well-kept and provide the necessary amenities. The various nature and the good infrastructures of Lyaskovets villages are some of the reasons those settlements to be preferred for living from Bulgarian and foreign home-buyers. Another plus is their proximity to the towns of Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa, which can offer you lots of recreation and entertainment opportunities.
The climate in that part of the country is characteristic for hot summer and cold winter, which favors the rich fertility in that territory. The growing of wheat, corn, vegetables and vines is being highly practiced here. There is no wonder, that the town of Lyaskovets is known as a vine-growing and wine-producing center of Bulgaria. The name Lyaskovets is very interesting and comes from the hazelnut tree Leshnik or Leska, which was typical for the region in the past. Unfortunately, a few of them are left in the present. Lyaskovets is a picturesque town of the Revival Period with approximately 80 old-style houses, grouped mainly in 5 little streets. It is set in convenient distance from Veliko Tarnovo (10km, east) and Gorna Orayhovitsa (2km, south). The town is remarkable also for some museums and a couple of churches with valuable icons and impressive wood-carves on their altars St. Atanas, St, Vasil, St. Nikola, St. Dimitar, etc. The Museum of Gardening in Lyaskovets is one of a kind in Bulgaria and attractive place for lots of tourists. Furthermore, impressive are the St. St. Peter and Pavel Monastery in Lyaskovets and The Forty Holy Martyrs Monastery in the village of Merdanya.

Area size of Lyaskovets municipality: 117.542 sq.km
Population of Lyaskovets municipality: 13 184 people
Total Towns and Cities in Lyaskovets municipality: 1
Total Villages in Lyaskovets municipality: 5
Center of Municipality Lyaskovets: Town of Lyaskovets
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