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Mihalci Village

The village of Mihaltsi is located in North-central part of Bulgaria and is part of Pavlikeni municipality. It lays 30km north-west of Veliko Turnovo.
One of the attractions near the village is the Negovanka eco-trail, probably the most famous part of the eco-zone Sredna Yantra. It was built years ago by every requirements of the eco-trailing. The beginning of the path starts at the outskirts of the village of Emen, only 25km of Veliko Turnovo.
The village of Mihaltsi has a church, a primary school, a community centre, shops.

Post code: 5248
Phone code: 06133
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Commercial property suitable for a shop or an office in the central part of Veliko Tarnovo
Shop / Retail € 26 000
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

Reasonable price for a shop for rent, facing a main street in the central part of Veliko Tarnovo
Shop / Retail € 102
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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