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Hotnitsa village
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Hotnitsa is one of the few settlements outside the regional center of Veliko Tarnovo that attracts significant tourist interest, thanks to the famous Kaya Bunar waterfall and one of the most beautiful eco-trails in the country. The village also sees a steady stream of Romanian visitors who often stop by for a walk and to relax, even detouring from their trips to neighboring Greece and Turkey.
Out of the 350 houses in Hotnitsa, nearly 100 are owned by foreigners from various European countries including France, Scotland, Belgium, England, Germany, and Russia. Increasingly, young people are moving to the village, creating a vibrant, multicultural community alongside the foreign residents.
These newcomers actively participate in Hotnitsa's cultural life, respecting local traditions and holidays.
One popular event is the Carboot garage sale, a tradition in Hotnitsa held every second Sunday of the month. People from the surrounding area come to sell everything from needles to sofas, offering a fun way to declutter and enjoy a Sunday outing.
In the summer, the village population swells to nearly 500 people, bringing lively activity to every corner. Hotnitsa also hosts the "Open Your Eyes" center for youth initiatives, attended by 20-30 children and a dozen young people. Most children study in Veliko Tarnovo and Samovodene, with a school bus provided for their transportation.
The village features a retirement club, a park, playgrounds for young families, two guest houses, a grocery store, and an ethnographic museum at the local community center. Additionally, there's the "Four-legged Friends Sanctuary," a farm-shelter established by a young family who care for nearly 100 animals including donkeys, dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, geese, and roosters.
The Church of Saint Irina in Hotnitsa, built in 1837, is a unique structure dug into the ground as was traditional centuries ago. It originally housed extremely valuable wall paintings, including one of the Last Judgment. Some paintings have been relocated to one of the Arbanasi churches, but the temple was restored in 2012 and is one of the oldest in the Veliko Tarnovo region, open for visits on major Christian holidays.
An interesting fact about Hotnitsa is the discovery of a Chalcolithic treasure within the village. Often called an "archaeological phenomenon," the village has yielded remains of nearly 50 settlements dating from the early Neolithic to the late Middle Ages. Archaeological finds include remnants of fortress fortifications, a quarry, Roman furnaces, and a medieval settlement.
One of the most impressive discoveries is the unique Hotnitsa treasure, made of 24-carat natural gemstone and consisting of 44 parts weighing nearly 350 grams in total. This treasure is now exhibited in the National History Museum in Sofia.
Monday, Jun 03, 2024
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