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Decoration with parquet and wood on the wall
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The challenge of finding an alternative to traditional solutions

The decoration of the walls in the home has always been a challenge, that has to be dealt with by both new homeowners and everyone who is planning to renovate the interior of their home. The wide range of products on the market can literally confuse anyone... Dozens of types of decorative plasters, wallpapers with thousands of patterns and paints, resistant to everything in every color, that we humans have invented... And it's no secret, that with the greatest attention is paid to the interior design of the walls in the living room - after all, it is the most representative room in the home. And precisely in it, a kind of center that focuses attention should be determined, and usually this is the wall on which the TV or media corner is located - as it is fashionable to call it.
It is true that a corner with a fireplace would fulfill the same role, but not every home has the opportunity to build one, while homes without a TV are extremely rare nowadays. And exactly this TV corner should be designed as effectively as possible, but how? By painting the wall behind it a different color, by lining it with stone, bricks or wallpaper, and the other walls in a preferred plaster?

And why not with wood? An option worth considering
We must clarify in advance that it is not about the wooden paneling that we know, or at least some of us know, that were found in almost every second apartment or home about 20, 30, or even more years ago... Modern wood paneling, which can become the main accent in the interior of the living room, is, if not the successor, then a very distant relative of those former options. Today, this type of decoration brings out the most beautiful advantage of wood - natural nobility and the visual warmth it radiates. To decorate the wall , ready-made wooden boards or panels can be used, which are in accordance with the overall color concept of the living room.
But there is another trend that is quite confidently gaining speed and popularity - the wall decoration with parquet, regardless of whether it is made of natural wood or laminate. And this is not just a way to use the remaining slats after a cosmetic renovation of the home, but a very purposeful choice. It is still possible that someone may find such a decision to decorate with parquet and wood on the wall with the TV strange, but there are also a number of arguments in defense of such a quest for originality.
Wooden boards or laminate can successfully hide unevenness on the walls. The impressive effect that wood creates in the atmosphere of the home is difficult to imitate.
This type of decoration with wood and parquet is completely in tune with the current desire to be close to nature. The lining is durable and much easier to maintain and clean than the forays of naughty children's hands, for example. It is true that the installation of laminate on the wall has its peculiarities compared to its installation on the floor, but it is not impossible. By means of special fastening technology, with the help of suitable profiles, a structure is built, helping to install the slats. The fact is that each craftsman has his own know-how, so there are other options with which the laminate leaves the floor and ends up on the wall! But regardless of the installation method, it is of the utmost importance to foresee the locations of switches, sockets, as well as to hide all the cables of the power supply to the TV.
And more - if the TV is placed in a niche lined with laminate, with the help of built-in or directional lighting, an even more significant visual effect is obtained.
Although in this case we present ideas for decorating with wood and parquet on the wall with the TV, this type of wall covering can also be done on other walls in the home - a matter of imagination and individual preference.
Certainly the effect achieved will be original sounding and far from the traditional wall coverings used, that's more than guaranteed!
Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023
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