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Dec 05, 2023 09:14
Please visit our new office in the center opposite the post office, 4. Rafael Mihaylov str. !
» A warm winter is coming, but with more snow
» Toll cameras will also record speeding
» With an investment of over 2 million leva, the "Hit Market" shopping complex is opening in Prisovo
» A medieval church and a reliquary cross were discovered at the foot of the Ryakhovets fortress near Gorna Oryahovitsa
» Veliko Tarnovo Region: The Ideal Destination for Property Investment
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» IKEA has opened a new generation store in Veliko Tarnovo
» Tomorrow is Christian Family Day
» Decoration with parquet and wood on the wall
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Night of Samovodska Charshia in Veliko Tarnovo begins
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Dozens of craftsmen, circus performers and producers of organic food are participating at the 12th edition of the Night of the Samovodska Charshia (market street) and Craft Festival in the town of Veliko Tarnovo.
Many craftsmen, street artists and musicians, concerts, performances, children's performances and games are presented in the event. Stay tuned!
Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023
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Spacious two-bedroom apartment located in the central part of Veliko Tarnovo
Apartment € 127 000
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

Warehouse for rent with an office and a sanitary unit in an industrial area in Veliko Tarnovo
Commercial € 770
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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