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Volunteers are turning the international village of Pushevo into a true paradise
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For some time now, significant efforts have been underway in the beautiful village of Pushevo near Veliko Tarnovo. People of all ages, children and adults, Bulgarians and foreigners, are coming together to transform the inhabited place into a genuine paradise.

The idea to improve our village was born in my mind in connection with the 100th anniversary of the "Spoluka 1923" community center in Pushevo," says Krasimira Boteva, who is the main initiator, driving force, and inspiration behind what is happening. "We want to use our own resources, without relying on support from any institution, to make Pushevo a better place to live, and we believe that everything depends solely on us," she adds.

In about a month, the volunteers managed to restore the area around the store, which has become a place for meetings and social interactions, or, as people jokingly call it, the cultural center of the village. Old benches and tables have been repaired, wooden parts have been replaced, and everything has been painted. The building is adorned with the national flag and small flags. The idea is to replace the awning in the future and to set up more tents around the municipality building. Krasimira Boteva even bought pillows and napkins for the tables to make the meeting area cozy and beautiful.

Painted tires with flowers create a welcoming look at the entrance and exit points of the village, and among the most enthusiastic participants in the communal activities are the children.

The mowing of the grassy areas turned into a truly organized initiative. Initially, only English settlers and two Bulgarians got involved, but gradually the idea attracted many more people. There are many overgrown areas, and the mowing continues, with adults from Pushevo also deciding to join by gathering the grass.

I haven't seen such contagious enthusiasm in a while! People just need a little motivation, and they are ready to accomplish so much," Krasimira Boteva expresses her joy.

The volunteers continue the restoration of the "Dola" area - a popular spot in the village, located near the plantations of the famous Pushevo cacti that bloom in June and attract many tourists. In six days, the enthusiasts transformed this space as well. Initially, everyone was skeptical because the work was heavy, but then the desire to work infected them, and no one complained.

The "Biserna Voda" fountain, which flows constantly, has already been fully restored. There's an idea to analyze the water and place a sign with its composition. More and more locals and village guests are coming to the fountain and expressing admiration for its new look. Among the many ideas of the volunteers is to turn the cleared area next to the fountain, about 150 sq.m., into a playground for children and sports, to hold yoga and Pilates courses, to create a basketball court, a volleyball court, and all kinds of other sports activities. The enthusiasts' plans for this area also include installing cameras, waste bins, lighting, and even a chemical toilet.

A nearby forest has also been cleared of tall shrubs and trees, and a swing for children has been installed in its place.

Our village is changing at an unprecedented pace, thanks to the hard work of everyone, regardless of their age or background," says Krasimira Boteva, who shares that people from England, China, Germany, and Russia live in Pushevo, with one Englishman having Jamaican origins. Among many ideas, there's a plan to put up flags of all these nationalities in front of the store.

Krasimira Boteva wants to mention the names of all those who participated in the initiative, including Gary, Eli, Militsa Martin, Owen Lewis, Shirley and John Hodge, Judy and David Harding, Owen and Tony, Stefan Botev, Radoslav Lazarov, Georgi Vassilev, Nikola Stoyanov, Todor Parashkevov, Dobri, Tonka, Stella, Plamena, Valya, and all the children from the village. Among the volunteers are people of all professions - former military personnel, musicians and singers, bakers, and even the grandmothers from the community center who have won numerous first places in various competitions.

Reviving Bulgarian traditions and festive rituals, revealing culinary secrets, and many other ideas are present among the people in Pushovo, who believe that only united and without relying on external help, they can turn their village into a paradise just a few minutes away from the big and bustling city.
Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023
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