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Oct 04, 2023 13:10
Please visit our new office in the center opposite the post office, 4. Rafael Mihaylov str. !
» Veliko Tarnovo Region: The Ideal Destination for Property Investment
» Bulgaria: The affordable option for quality education in Europe
» The Weather in Bulgaria will be Sunny and Warm for the Season
» In 2 years 200,000 Bulgarians came back to living in Villages
» Record housing market prices in Bulgaria and still going up
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» Night of Samovodska Charshia in Veliko Tarnovo begins
» Volunteers are turning the international village of Pushevo into a true paradise
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Watermelon Festival again in the village of Nikup this Saturday, August 5
The summer celebration with lots of fun games, a concert program and dancing will start at 7:00 p.m.
Dance group "Tropanka" - village of Resen, Folklore group "Plettenitsa" and Styliana Hristova from "Voice of Bulgaria" will take part in the event.
There will be a fire show, chorotheque and fun games - watermelon rolling contest, watermelon bowling, watermelon hooping contest, and watermelon lantern parade.
Wednesday, Aug 02, 2023
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Two-storey house in the village of Burya, 35km away from Veliko Tarnovo
House € 19 000
Location: Sevlievo

Warehouse for rent located in the historical part of Veliko Tarnovo
Commercial € 305
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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