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Dec 01, 2023 21:48
Please visit our new office in the center opposite the post office, 4. Rafael Mihaylov str. !
» A warm winter is coming, but with more snow
» Toll cameras will also record speeding
» With an investment of over 2 million leva, the "Hit Market" shopping complex is opening in Prisovo
» A medieval church and a reliquary cross were discovered at the foot of the Ryakhovets fortress near Gorna Oryahovitsa
» Veliko Tarnovo Region: The Ideal Destination for Property Investment
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» IKEA has opened a new generation store in Veliko Tarnovo
» Tomorrow is Christian Family Day
» Decoration with parquet and wood on the wall
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Cycling tour "For the cup of the village of Kereka 2022"
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🚴🏻 An amateur cycling tour is organized for the second consecutive year in the village of Kereka. Participants will be divided into classes "Highway", "Bike", "Women", "Children". The event will take place on May 15 (Sunday), starting time for registration of participants - 9:00.
Start - 11:00.
Start "Children" - 13:00.
Route of the classes "Highway", "Bike" and "Women":
Kereka village -> Pushevo village-> Shemshevo village-> Kereka village, with a total length of 23.5 km.
Thursday, May 12, 2022
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A detached country house in an exceptional rural setting  just 20 km away from the town of Veliko Tarnovo
House € 27 500
Location: Dryanovo

Commercial premises for rent, occupying advantageous position in the top center of Veliko Tarnovo
Commercial € 100
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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