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Jun 13, 2021 16:53
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Why Its A Good Idea To Rent Before You Buy
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If youre moving to a new area, you might be wondering whether to buy or rent.

While you may feel you have no other option but to rent, it doesnt have to be a last resort! Heres why its a good idea to rent before you buy.

Area familiarisation

If youre unfamiliar with an area, try renting before you buy.
fall in love with it. It never hurts to ask!
You might be relocating to a new area for work reasons, or moving from the town to the country.
This approach allows you to keep your options open, without the costly financial expense of realising you have made a mistake and need to move again.
If youre moving to a new area and you arent familiar with it, you dont intuitively know the different areas. The reality of transport links or traffic routes may be different from what you initially perceived, and schools may not live up to expectations.
In other words, there are a host of things you only really find out when you live in an area.
If youve got a couple of locations in mind, consider short-term lets in the different areas, to get a feel for living in each.
Be mindful that short-term lets arent cheap! But, the additional short-term costs may help you make the right purchasing decision and save you money in the long run.
Also, by renting in the area, you will likely work your way onto the estate agents hot buyers list. This will give you the opportunity to view properties early, as youre demonstrating your commitment to purchasing in the area.

Try before you buy

Whether youre a first-time buyer or not, renting a property similar to the one you want to buy can help determine if its right for you.
You might find that a lower ground floor flat is not for you and you want to be on an upper floor, for example. Or, you may discover you need some outside space, whether that be a garden, roof terrace or balcony.
Also, you could ask the lettings agent what the chances are of you buying your rental, if you fall in love with it. It never hurts to ask!
Want to get to know an area? Whether youre buying or renting, find out all you need to know with Century Homes and City Rent
Wednesday, Apr 07, 2021
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Traditional, two-storey house only 10 minutes away from Elena
House € 20 000
Location: Elena

EXCLUSIVE! Luxury furnished apartment for rent located in the central part of Veliko Tarnovo
Apartment € 305
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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