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St. George's Day - the feast of St. George Day of the Bulgarian Army
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On May 6 Bulgarians celebrate St. George's Day - one of the biggest festivals in the folk calendar, celebrated in honor of St. George and more as the Day of the Bulgarian Army. St. George's name day celebrated Georgi, Gergana, Galia, Ginka, Ganka and more.

According to folk beliefs St. George and St. Demetrius were twin brothers, among which is shared year. From St. George's to Demetrius is its summer half, the time of Demetrius to St. George's Day marks its winter half. So St. George portends the coming summer and the beginning of the new business year, which is why the holiday is observed many traditions and customs related to agriculture, livestock and health.
St. George is revered by both Christians and Muslims. He grew up in a wealthy Christian family, he became a fervent supporter and defender of the Christian faith, making it tortured and brutally beheaded in 288 years by Emperor Maximilian. He embodies the ideal warrior, protector of the army. According to folk beliefs and legends is a glorious hero, a man fighting dragons and who rescues a girl from the dragon of the bottom land and it is this his image is reflected in iconography - the saint pierces the dragon with his spear, riding a white horse.

The dishes on the holiday

By old Bulgarian custom of St. George in every home baked lamb and around the festive table collect the whole family. It is obligatory to attend at the table and ritual bread, but it's nice to have another lamb sarma liver, dairy products, green onions, garlic, boiled wheat, pastry and wine. Furthermore, it should be given dairy borrowed.

Ritual bread is decorated with figures of lambs, shepherd's crook and cot. All together at the table, prekazhdat her drink, rejoice and sing songs: "St. George toured the fields," "Zdravec for St. George," "Crown of lambs." Finally the day of the lamb bones are buried in the ground.

The night before the holiday before the first cock roosters, people bathe in the morning dew for health as popular beliefs state that this time everything is "swaddled with good dew." In her bathe and women who believe it will help them to be fruitful. According to another popular belief collected and took home dew St. George's Day has special healing power. To receive healing the sick bathe in the "left water" - the place where the rivers turn left.

Lady of the house gets up early and sweep the yard, then zakichva door with a bouquet of geranium, lilac and flowering branch from a fruit tree. He was allowed to stand until dry, and the custom is observed for health, prosperity and happiness throughout the year.

In this day of the year for the first time at home made fresh cheese, but not salted, not cut short sheep's milk. It, behind garlic, nettle, oak and hawthorn.

Significant place in the rituals of St. George borrow greenery, flowers and blooming twigs that carry symbolic power of nature on humans and domestic animals. So the houses, business premises and gardens meet the festive morning hung with beech twigs, branches of blossoming apple or other fruit tree.

On this day in Earth buries first red egg from the previous Easter to be a fertile field. Early risers from the house runs up to the meadow to gather nettles, which then flick on the feet all at home, lest evil overtake them throughout the year.
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Friday, May 03, 2019
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