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International Tourism Fair “Cultural Tourism” Veliko Tarnovo 2019
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For the 16th time, an array of countries, organisations, municipalities and museums, scientific societies and business will present their work, good practices and events in Veliko Tarnovo.

International Tourism Fair “Cultural Tourism” Veliko Tarnovo 2019 will take place from April 18th to April 20th and will be held at the Palace of culture and sport “Vasil Levski”.

Cultural tourism has proven throughout the years to be important, full of potential and worth investing in. The aim of the fair was not only to present an interesting type of tourism, which is extremely attractive to European tourists, but also to prove how the development of cultural tourism guarantees preserving the cultural-historical heritage of Bulgaria. Namely the effective utilisation of the cultural heritage, architectural facts, monumental art, cultural events, festival life as a whole represent the uniqueness of this type of tourism. But, most of all, it is the basis for the variety of the contemporary touristic product. And the results of the 15-year history of the fair prove it. During the last few years, the country, municipalities and the tourism business have united on the key significance of cultural tourism as the main perspective for developing tourism in Bulgaria, and to support its role in the national tourism policies. As the main tool for overcoming some of the weaknesses of Bulgarian tourism, namely cultural tourism can award and enrich the traditional tourism products, to develop and advertise their strong market opportunities in the European market.

What are the facts of the 15-year history of the International Tourism Fair “Cultural Tourism” – Veliko Tarnovo:

The first and most prestigious forum for cultural tourism in Bulgaria was founded in 2003 in Veliko Tarnovo as the national fair “Cultural Tourism”, which later grows into the International Tourism Fair “Cultural Tourism”.

Veliko Tarnovo Municipality organises the fair, alongside with the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) and the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Tour Agents (ABTTA), which joins the initiative in 2008.

The main organiser is the municipal tour agency “Tsarevgrad Tarnov”, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism.

Throughout the years since its beginning, the fair has been supported by: The Executive Agency for National Tourism Advertising and Information, the Ministry of Economics, Energy and Tourism, as well as the Ministry of Culture.

The good partnership between the organisers. the constant cooperation with media, professional utilisation of advertisement and public relations, are the base of building the easily-recognisable and professional image of the fair.

The international forum is organised as a complex event in different directions. First of all – a tourism fair which gives companies, municipalities, information centers, NGOs, cultural institutes and more, an opportunity to present their potential for developing cultural-educational tourism programmes.

Second is the discussion programme, which includes presentations and discussions on current topics, connected to development and cultural-historical heritage, its preservation and current presentation, as well as the problems and opportunities for development of various forms of cultural-educational tourism.

The fair includes the first-ever Bulgarian film festival focused on tourism: the International Festival “On the East Cost of Europe” presents film and TV productions which popularise local and international cultural heritage and tourism. And the newest initiative, which started on the 10th edition of the fair, is the National competition READ & TRAVEL, which will award the most original events in cultural tourism, the best tourism publications, books, websites and articles. For 15 years, the most attractive fair exhibitions, museums and associations receive awards for partnerships and popularisation of the cultural-historical heritage, as well as the prestigious award for personal contribution to the development of cultural tourism.

Among the hallmarks of the fair is the presentation of good local and foreign practices in the area of cultural tourism and generating news from the development of tourism in the country and elsewhere. Veliko Tarnovo – the Balkan capital of cultural tourism – attracts more foreign partners each year, many associates from state and municipal institutions, cultural institutes, tourist businesses, NGOs, local tourism associations, scholars and university societies, media, etc., who count among the participants of the international fair.
Source: culturaltourism.info
Monday, Apr 15, 2019
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