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Buy-to-let Investments In Bulgaria
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The term 'Buy-to-Let' means simply the purchase and ownership of a property through normal procedure. Once completed the owner seeks to rent this property for a regular income usually exceeding annual mortgage repayments.
The "Buy to Let" Market in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a much less mature market than other European property markets such as Spain. However Bulgaria has enjoyed much press recently and its tourism idustry is growing at the fastest rate in Europe. Bulgaria is expected to enjoy 20 million annual tourists by 2010. This is of course excellent news for the Bulgarian property investor who is perfectly positioned to offer rental accomodation to this influx of tourists.

Obviously during the summer months the areas around the Black sea beaches attract the most tourists and so investors with quality property in these areas can expect good occupancy and rental yields both appreciating with the demand for accomodation in the area.

In the Winter months Bulgaria´s Ski locations such as Bansko see the majority of tourist activity and so investors in these locations enjoy the rewards of owning a property in a location with increasing demand.

Over the next few years Bulgaria is expected to see a huge increase in tourism and so investors in popular areas are looing forward to seeing good return on investment from rental yields.

The Buy to Let model is becoming more and more popular with holidaymakers (and so in turn property investors) as low cost airlines offer excellent value flights into an increasing number of destinations via the internet allowing tourists to effectively create their own hoiliday by searching for private rental accomodation and avoiding the travel agent and package holidays all together.
The final decision to be made by the "Buy to Let" Investor is which letting strategy to use. Its obvious that the highest income is made by the property owner by letting out short term during the high season. However you can off-set this against the increased overheads in constantly finding short term rental clients and the maintenance costs between clients. Long term rentals typically pay less on a month on month basis but usually require far less input from the property owner and the rental income is fixed over the course of the year. Some property owners choose to rent long term during the low season and then short term to higher paying holiday clients during the high season. The decisions to be made on your letting strategy are usually answered in part by the property you purchase. Some properties lend themselves to short term holiday makers and others to long term locals as a permanent home. Our experts will help you decide what's best and choose the property and rental strategy that's best for you.

The "Buy to Let" Strategy is not ideal for EVERY investor and it is essential that property for this strategy is chosen wisely as it needs to be a rentable property in a popular location to allow the investor to maximize income from the Investment.

The other benefit from this type of Investment is that during the time this property is being rented and earning the Investor an income and holiday home it is still appreciating in value at one of the fastest rates available. All in all the "Buy to Let" Investment model is a sound investment decision and bulgaria is currently an ideal location to deploy this strategy.

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Monday, Sep 11, 2017
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Attractive price! Well-presented rural house, located in a picturesque area of Veliko Tarnovo district!
House € 3 700
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Shop / Retail € 102
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