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The 12th edition of the Sheep Breeders' Assembly promises a three-day celebration of Bulgarian tradition
Thursday, May 16, 2024
The largest farming event in our country will once again promote traditional livelihood, Bulgarian food, way of life, folklore and culture. The forum will be held on May 24, 25 and 26 in the meadows near the Peter and Paul Monastery. Due to the huge interest in the event, a special transport scheme is in effect to ease car traffic.
One of the novelties is the free public transport from the three cities - Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Lyaskovets, for the first two days of the council - Friday and Saturday. Thus transportation is provided for all those wishing to attend.
This year, the traditional spectacular farm competitions such as hand shearing, milking, heaviest ram, etc. will be held. However, for the first time at the meeting of sheep breeders, donkeys will compete in the competition for pulling heavy loads. There will also be a debut edition of a competition for masterful cutting of Bulgarian mutton delicacy - sudjuk.
The contest for the most original and best dairy products also deserves special attention. This year's prizewinners will be awarded a premium badge, which corresponds to a gold quality medal. There will be 7 categories in the competition for Farm Sheep Cheese, Farm Goat Cheese, Sheep Milk Farm Feta Cheese, Goat Milk Farm Feta Cheese, Original Sheep Milk Product, Original Goat Milk Product and Yoghurt. Emphasis is placed on the word "farm" because we often encounter various marketing ploys in the commercial network, where goods from industrial dairies with the label "product of our farm" abound. Here, all participants are farmers, processing milk entirely from their own animals. These are completely boutique farm dairies," pointed out Simeon Karakolev, organizer of the event.
During the event, various techniques for producing dairy foods using authentic and modern methods will be demonstrated. Masters who have preserved and revived old, centuries-old recipes and innovation experts will join them side by side. Popular chef Uti Bachvarov will also be a guest.
The old way of life and traditions from different parts of the country will "come alive" in the "Chiflik" ethno-reenactment. There, visitors will be able to participate in mobile art workshops and various activities. Interesting activities and educational games await the little ones in the Children's Workshop. The fighting skills of the old Bulgarians will be presented in three performances by the Baga-Tur Pre-Bulgarian Survival School.
On the days of the meeting of sheep breeders, the National Folklore Competition "My bleating lamb" will be held on two stages. More than 3,000 performers will present folklore from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria, and for those who are passionate about Bulgarian folk rhythms, there will be dances - horoteks.
The festive concerts will be exciting, featuring Zhechka Slaninkova, Lilia Semkova, Nikolina Chakardakova, the Nevrokop Dance Ensemble, Ivo Papazov - Ibryama and the Trakia Orchestra.
There will be an area for the presentation and sale of various handicrafts made of wood, leather, wool and other natural materials.
On an area of ​​1,300 square meters, there will be an exhibition of purebred animals from autochthonous, local and rare breeds of sheep and goats bred in our country. It will also be possible to see exhibitions of shepherd dogs, elite horses, donkeys, as well as exotic animals - camels, llamas, alpacas, etc.
For the three days of the meeting of sheep breeders, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., a temporary traffic organization is in effect.
Namely, the traffic on the Republic road I-4 Sofia - Varna is in two lanes and is two-way. The left lane in the direction of Sofia - Varna at the junction for Arbanasi and Lyaskovets is for those traveling to the cathedral, and the right - for those passing through. In the direction of Varna - Sofia, the right lane leads to the forum, and the left lane is for transit passengers.
The entry of vehicles from Lyaskovets along "Manastirska" street leading to the Petropavlovsk Monastery is prohibited. The entry of road vehicles is prohibited after "Kaloyanova Fortress" in the direction of Arbanasi and on "Manastirska" Street before entering Lyaskovets.
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