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Discovering Plakovo: A Rural Gem in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality
Friday, May 10, 2024

Plakovo is like a slice of heaven for scores of young families who've uncovered the rural charm. Situated among the villages within the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, it's experiencing a remarkable trend of growth and community enhancement.

There's a notable surge in the younger population, and the influx of newcomers shows no signs of slowing down. Just a short 16 kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo, the journey through Kilifarevo is smooth sailing. Property prices in this quaint hamlet are breaking records, surpassing even those in prime villages adjacent to the old capital like Belyakovets and Malki Chiflik. The town hall fields inquiries daily about available homes and land, though there's scarcely any to offer. Life here is vibrant, with locals brimming with active initiatives to better Plakovo.

Presently, around 180 folks call Plakovo home officially, but over 350 souls dwell within its bounds. The population surged during the pandemic as many young families opted to settle here. Employment opportunities within the village include two grocery stores, a pensioner's club, library, youth center, post office, a dairy farm, agricultural cooperative, and four tenant businesses. The soil here is rich, nurturing staple crops like wheat, corn, and more. Tulip fields reminiscent of the Dutch countryside, a poultry farm, and beekeeping add to the village's allure.

Elderly and single residents receive care from home health aides, while those in need benefit from daily food deliveries through domestic social patronage.

Plakovo boasts a thriving rural tourism scene with several exquisite guesthouses in operation. Yet, many private residences are equally charming, with modern structures peeking behind stone walls and sturdy wooden gates. Notable among these is the former cell school, transformed and gifted to the village by its owner, complete with a stone fountain.

Traditional Bulgarian architecture adorns some homes, preserving iconic wooden verandas. The village's 13-kilometer street network is impressively maintained, with traffic calming measures in place. CCTV cameras and 200 street lamps dot the landscape, while a private security firm ensures residents' safety.

Children attend kindergarten and schools in Veliko Tarnovo and Kilifarevo, with reliable bus services and sheltered stops. The pride of Plakovo is the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, believed to be constructed by a pupil of Colju Ficheto or the master himself. Built upon the foundations of an ancient temple, it was consecrated in 1847. The village's emblem, the Plakov Monastery, traces its roots back to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, enduring destruction and fire but always rising anew.
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