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An IT specialist from Canada settled in Dichin, rears turkeys and ducks
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024
"LIFE IN the VILLAGE of DICHIN IS WONDERFUL." THIS SAYS 72-YEAR-OLD MICHAEL WALTON FROM CANADA, who settled in the small settlement, close to Veliko Tarnovo, 9 years ago.
The foreigner lives there with his second wife, Sabrina, who is from Great Britain. They enjoy peace, clean air, ecologically clean food and all the advantages that the village has over the city. The two enjoy many friends among the local population and cannot complain at all of a lack of social life. They have completely adopted the lifestyle in the small settlements in Bulgaria and already know that there is nothing better than homemade products.

Michael left Canada 30 years ago. Settled his life in Great Britain, where he met Sabrina. After a long career, it was time to retire and he faced a dilemma.
"I was hesitating whether to buy a car in Great Britain or a house in Bulgaria. I preferred to totally change my place of residence. I saw ads for properties in Bulgaria on the Internet.
Before I moved to Dichin, I hadn't heard anything about the country at all. I only came for a week to see the place with my own eyes. And so I bought the house," he shared.
Sabrina followed him and together they tightened the building. Furnished with furniture from Bulgaria and the only things they brought from Britain were clothes, books and a black and white photo of Michael's grandfather. In the photo, the great-grandfather poses in a vintage car from the 1920s.
The couple enjoys country life - warming up with a fireplace, looking after animals and growing vegetables in the garden. Michael and Sabrina take care of five cats, a dog, rabbits, turkeys, ducks and chickens. They have a hive, but two years ago the bees died and they plan to take new bee colonies this year. The two are preparing winter food. In their basement you can see jars of canned meat, pickles, etc.

"We love traditional Bulgarian feasts - shop salad, banitsa, tarator, moussaka, etc. Every year I make "rakia". It's a dangerous drink," jokes the Canadian.
He makes great efforts to learn the Bulgarian language, but admits that it is difficult for him. Despite the language barrier, Michael gets along well with the local people. He is always involved in helping his neighbors for any activities completely free of charge. It is also on the front line when voluntary cleanings are organized in the village.

"When I go shopping to Veliko Tarnovo and try to speak Bulgarian, and the shopkeeper doesn't understand me - I say it's a Dichin accent," he says with a smile.
In his spare time, the foreigner creates a family tree. His ancestors told him that generations ago there was an aristocratic streak in the family. A curious detail is that his cousin's wife is the granddaughter of a Bulgarian who emigrated to Canada from Kazanlak. So Michael is determined to visit the Valley of the Roses.

The children of the 72-year-old man find their place in the last branches of the family tree. He has a son and daughter who live in London.

Michael and Sabrina enjoy traveling around the country to see the sights. They share that they are very impressed by "Etara" in Gabrovo, the revival houses in Elena and the old town in Plovdiv. They have not yet visited Tsarevets, but have only seen it from the square in front of it. They plan to visit the fortress when Michael's daughter comes to visit Dichin.

For closer destinations, the two use a bus, and when they go on a longer journey, they hire a taxi driver they have become friends with.
They say that they love Bulgarian holidays and customs very much. One of their favorites is welcoming "Baba Martha". They wear martenits and know the symbolism of the red and white products. Every spring, when they see a stork, they take the martenets off their wrists and hang them on fruit trees in the village.
Source: www.borbabg.com
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