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Sep 29, 2023 02:16
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Bulgaria: The affordable option for quality education in Europe
Friday, Feb 17, 2023
Bulgaria is recognized as a popular destination for international students who are looking for affordable education options in Europe. The country offers significantly lower tuition fees compared to other popular European study-abroad destinations, making Bulgaria an attractive option for students who are looking to minimize their expenses while pursuing their academic goals. Tuition fees for European Union (EU) students range from 300 to 1,700 per year, while for students coming from non-EU Countries, tuition fees range between 1,750 and 3,850 per year.
In addition to low tuition fees, Bulgaria also offers a reasonable cost of living. With an estimated monthly expense of 450 to 650, international students can live comfortably in the country while pursuing their studies.
One of the great advantages of studying in Bulgaria is the opportunity to work while studying. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during their studies as well as during holidays, providing them with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn some extra money. After graduation, students who wish to continue working in the country must apply for a work permit. However, Bulgaria offers a post-graduate visa that allows students to stay for 9 months after graduation. This provides students with plenty of time to find a job and establish themselves in the country.
In conclusion, Bulgaria is a great destination for students who are looking for an affordable and practical study abroad option. With its low tuition fees, reasonable cost of living, and opportunity to work during studies, students can expect to receive a high-quality education while keeping their expenses in check.
Source: www.novinite.com
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Renovated 3-bedroom house with stone outbuildings in the village of Stefan Stambolovo
House € 50 000
Location: Polski Trymbesh

Spacious shop for rent with good location in a popular area in Veliko Tarnovo
Shop / Retail € 155
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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