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Clocks in Bulgaria change to winter time on October 30 2022
Friday, Oct 28, 2022
Clocks in Bulgaria change to winter time at 4am on October 30 2022, the final Sunday of the month, going back an hour to 3am.

This marks the end of the annual Daylight Saving Time that in 2022 began on March 27.

Bulgaria remains on winter time until March 26 2023, the final Sunday of that month next year, when clocks will go forward an hour when daylight savings time returns if it does, pending any changes by then.

In the European Union, initial plans had been that the October 2019 change would be the final one and the system of twice-yearly changes would be scrapped.

The plan was that EU member states wishing to permanently switch back to wintertime would make one last seasonal clock change on October 27 2019, after which further changes would no longer be possible. However, talk of changing the system has receded since then, pushed on to the back burner by pressing crises such as Covid-19.
Source: www. sofiaglobe.com
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