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15-year-old Bulgarian Girl is U16 World Chess Champion
Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019
Bulgarian girl - first in the world of chess. This is 15-year-old Nurgul Salimova, from the small village of Krepcha in Targovishte area, who has been on the top of the world ranking for chess for under 16 years.

Her passion for the black and white board comes in the kindergarten. "I was four. Then my father taught me how to move the figures. He introduced me to the game. Then, along with my grandfather, they began to show me how to play. I learned the rules, "said the young chess player to NOVA.

A year after her father and grandfather nurtured Nurgul in chess, the girl also tried her first tournament in Silistra. She is the smallest participant - she is not even 6 years old.

"I became first among 8 years old children, not having been 6. I became even more interested and continued to improve. I have ten state titles, I think. I have always wanted to become a world champion for women. To get closer to Antoaneta Stefanova because she is my favorite chess player, "says Nurgul Salimova.

"As soon as she became a Republican champion, the coaches in the national team saw potential in her and invited her to the national team and offered her even a coach. There are also cases when she has not returned home for a month. It's hard, but we are getting used. Everything is for her good. Nine titles and one republican title for women. One world title girls up to 12 years. One European Union title for girls up to 8 years old. I am champion of the European Union, among boys and girls, until 12 years of age in 2015. Here, in Bulgaria, there are no tournaments to cover norms, at least not so often. And she have to travel abroad and participate in tournaments there, "adds her father, Ilhan Salimov.

Ten years later, Nurgul already has impressive chess successes. She prepares for races from a distance together with her coach Zhivko Zhekov from Burgas. The specialist admits that the girl from the village of Krepcha is a phenomenon for this sport. "We have been together for ten years now. During these years, other people have worked with her. What distinguishes her is that she really wants to become a champion. For her, chess is not a temporary activity, "says Nurgyul's coach Zhivko Zhekov.

And to get closer to the achievements of the only Bulgarian woman who was world champion in chess for women turns out to be difficult. "Here, in Bulgaria, there are no tournaments to cover norms, so often. And I have to travel abroad and participate in tournaments there, "she said.

And when Nurgul is at home in the village of Krepcha, her favorite thing is to play blitz-chess with the man who set her on this sport - her father.

For five years, Ilhan Salimov has no victory over his daughter.

The top position in Nurgul's women's world rankings will have to be protected as early as this April. The European women's championship will be held at the end of the year, and the best in the world will be at the end of the year.
Source: www.novinite.com
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