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In 2017 Bulgaria's Export to Third Countries Increased by 10.7% Compared to 2016
Monday, Feb 12, 2018
In 2017 Bulgaria's export to third countries (non-EU countries) increased by 10.7% compared to the previous year and amounted to BGN 17 744.6 million. This was announced by the press center of the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

Bulgaria's main trading partners are Turkey, the Russian Federation, China, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Egypt, which account for 51.6% of exports to third countries.

Only in December 2017 Bulgarian exports to third countries decreased by 6.2% compared to the same month of the previous year and amounted to BGN 1 596.5 million.

The largest growth compared to 2016 was recorded in the "Classified items mainly" (42.1%) and "Various finished products" (23.2%). The largest decline was observed in 'Food and live animals' (16.7%) and 'Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and tobacco' (11.9%).

Bulgaria's imports from third countries increased by 24.1% in 2017 compared to the previous year and amounted to BGN 21,368.3 million (at CIF prices). The largest value is the value of the goods imported from the Russian Federation, Turkey, China and Serbia.

In December 2017, Bulgaria's imports from third countries increased by 29.6% compared to the same month of the previous year and amounted to BGN 2 045.8 million.

The largest percentage increase was recorded in the raw materials (unfit for consumption) (42.3%) and "Fats, oils and waxes of animal and vegetable origin" (40.1%).

The foreign trade balance (export FOB - import CIF) of Bulgaria with third countries in 2017 was negative and amounted to BGN 3 623.7 million. At FOB / FOB prices (after the elimination of transport and insurance costs on imports of goods) the balance is also negative and amounts to BGN 2 115.6 million.
Source: www.novinite.com
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