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Marble statuette of Roman goddess Cybele found downtown Plovdiv
Monday, Oct 28, 2019
Archaeologists found a marble statuette of the Roman goddess Cybele in the center of Bulgarias second largest city Plovdiv. The statuette was part of the pantheon of Philippopolis (the ancient name of Plovdiv) during the Roman period. Cybele, which was the universal mother nor only of the gods, but also of all humans and planet life, is seated on a horse. Tow lions are standing on both sides of the horse. The head of the statuette is missing. The statuette, which survived in a fire, was found in a late Late-Antiquity layer dating back to the beginning of the 4th century AD when Christianity was established on these lands and pagan monuments such as the statuette of goddess Cybele were subjected to destruction. That is why the head of the marble statuette was broken, the archaeologists note. Cybele is a mother of legendary king Midas and was worshipped in large parts of Asia Minor and Thrace.
Source: bnr.bg
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Newly built, luxury house with a swimming pool, BBQ, well maintained yard and amazing panoramic views, located in a quiet neighborhood of Dryanovo
House € 160 000
Location: Dryanovo

Furnished one-bedroom house for rent with panoramic views of Tsarevets
House € 195
Location: Veliko Tarnovo

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