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Number of Bulgarians travelling abroad up
Monday, Oct 28, 2019
A total of 653.600 Bulgarian citizens travelled abroad in September 2019, which is 3.2% more than the ones registered in September 2018, the National Statistical Institute announced. The number of trips made to North Macedonia increased 16.2%, the numer of travels to Romania went up 7.2% and those to Serbia saw 3.7% increase. The number of Bulgarians travelling to the Russian Federation decreased 19.5%, the number of trips made to the Czech Republic fell 10.9% and the number of Bulgarians visiting Hungary saw a 7.5% decrease. In September a total of 1,286,4 million foreign nationals visited Bulgaria, which is 2.9% less as compared to the same period of the previous year.
Source: bnr.bg
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Renovated house on two levels in Stambolovo village, 5 km from the town of Pavlikeni
House € 53 700
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