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Welcome to Karlovo on May 18 to experience an unforgettable day!
Friday, May 17, 2019
The rose flower also known as the Queen of Flowers bears great symbolism. According to the traditional Bulgarian concepts, it is a symbol of youth, love, elegance and the female beauty in the folklore songs. In traditional folklore the rose is the favorite flower of the young Bulgarian ladies. They give it to the young lads as a symbol of their love. The fragrant flower is part of the wedding wreaths during the local wedding rituals. The thorny rose stem is used to chase evil spirits away. People also use it to make a wedding flag and the bridal veil is placed over the rose bush after the wedding ceremony. The rose flower is part of the traditional Bulgarian embroidery, wood carvings and decorations of ritual breads.

Maria Deyanova, Chief Curator of the Historical Museum Karlovo told Radio Bulgarian details about the symbols and the rituals of the forthcoming Rose Festival:

The rose is a symbol of Bulgaria, but it is of particular importance for the inhabitants of the Stremska Valley. It is a symbol of a centuries-long livelihood of the local population. The rose picking campaign sets the beginning of a very hard work. The cultivation of the oil-yielding rose, the production of rose oil and rose water is a traditional business. For all residents of the Stremska Valley the Rose Festival is a festival of beauty. It is among the most beautiful festivals in our valley, our municipality and Bulgaria as a whole. The Rose Festival has been celebrated since the beginning of the 20th century. It is marked in May or June (the period of the fastest vegetation of the rose flower) on the Holy Spirit Feast. Gradually, it became a traditional festival and attracted the interest of many Bulgarians and foreign guests. This year the programme abounds with various initiatives and events. On May 10 the Queen of the Rose Karlovo 2019 contest was held. Sixteen year-old Yana Tsvetkova became this years winner of the contest.
The culmination of the Rose Festival will be on May 18, Saturday. It begins with the rose-picking ritual in the rose gardens when we take all our guests to the rose fields. The ritual is accompanied with performances of folk songs. Last years Queen of Rose gives her crown to the new laureate. Later, the procession moves to the central square in Karlovo under the accompaniment of bag pipers from the town of Kalofer and Mummers groups. The image of Bay Ganyo with the traditional phials of rose oil is also part of the Rose Festival. Then, the concert of amateur folklore ensembles from Karlovo, Rozova Dolina ensemble and other groups begins on July 20 Square.
In the afternoon of May 18 a demonstration of rose products begins: rose distillation under ancient methods and technologies at the Historical Museum and Buhalovski Inn- Ancient Karlovo complex. The festival also envisages degustation of rose products such as rose tea, rose brandy, rose rakia, rose-flavoured Turkish delight, etc.
A workshop for traditional crafts will also open on the main street in Karlovo. The residents and the guests of Karlovo will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of a military brass orchestra and Duft rock band. Later, the programme will end with a concert of Diana Express band on the town square. Karlovo Municipality tried to take care of all guests of the festival, so they can feel its beauty and touch the local traditions and feel the joy of the well-done job. Welcome to Karlovo to spend an unforgettable and exiting day!
Source: bnr.bg
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