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Shaggy Arrives with Sting in Plovdiv in June
Friday, Mar 02, 2018
Jamaican musician Shaggy will join the Sting tour this summer to visit a number of historic sites throughout Europe. On June 19th and 20th in Plovdiv we will have the exclusive opportunity to hear the two artists who will perform pieces of their upcoming joint album 44/876, which will be released on April 20th.

During the tour, Shaggy and Sting will perform together some of their greatest hits, such as "Every Breath You Take," "Englishman in New York," "Message in a Bottle," "It Was Not Me," "Mr. Boombastic "and" Angel. "Shaggy and Sting originally started working together on their joint new song" Do not Make Me Wait "- devoted to the Caribbean sound that influenced both of them - and then recorded a full album full of melody, great mood and inspiring music.

They are expanding their joint work during the tour and will travel alongside a mixed band including Sting's Dominic Miller (guitar), Josh Freice (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar) and Shaggy Monik Music (backup vocal) Nobel (backup vocal) and Kevin Webster (piano).

The Sting and Shaggy concert in Plovdiv in June is organized by Sofia Music Enterprise.
Source: www.novinite.com
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